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10 Great things to do in Prague

Prague is a popular stop-off for backpackers and has been since Communism fell in the early ‘90s. However, the city is worth staying in for a few days, and boasts more than fantastic (and very cheap) beer, although that is certainly one of its main attractions. Here are some of the best things to do in the Czech capital.

Kampa Park


Visit Kampa Park and the ‘babies’ – Kampa Park is located just west of Old Town over the Legíí bridge (Most Legíí). A beautiful park, its most unique attractions are the ‘babies’ a series of metallic statues designed by famous artist David Cerny, a famous artist. Make sure to take a picture, but don’t sit on them during hot days or you’ll get burned!

Meet Factory


Cerny is more than just an artist, he also part owns Meet Factory, a former abatoir and now club on the outskirts of the city. It attracts some of the coolest names in Rock, hip-hip, dance and techno but also serves as a flea market on weekends as well as putting on other cultural events.

Cross Club


Another one for club-heads is Cross Club. Located near Nadraži Holešovice, the club itself looks something like the inside of a clock, with forged metal staircases and wheels and cogs decorating the many bars. With several floors, there are a range of genres to enjoy, though it’s the building itself which is a must-see.

Prague Zoo


We couldn’t mention Prague without recommending its famous zoo. Whether you’re travelling with family or nursing a hangover from one of the above clubs, Prague Zoo is for everyone, with a huge array of exotic animals and a beautiful park-life feel. It’s easily possible to spend a whole day here and tickets are extremely affordable too.



Krakora is a pub worth visiting alone for the big cats who roam around. If you don’t like cats, maybe don’t try this one, because these are more than tabbies. It might not sound like much of an attraction, but drinking beer in the company of a puma certainly seems worth a mention in our books. Moreover, the bar itself has interesting decor, and a is a pleasant place to spend an evening.

Letna Park


Letna Park has a lot going for it, including huge open spaces to play frisbee or football in, as well as beautiful views overlooking the city. And during the summer months, the beer garden is open late. Watch the sun go down with a Kozel in hand and wonder how you’re ever going to leave this beautiful city.

Arcade Hry


Nerds, start your engines (or Amstrads). Arcade Hry (Hry means games) is a museum and gameroom celebrating retro gaming. With neon lighting, old school game machines and more, it’s the perfect place to get your geek on.

FK Bohemians


While you’re in Prague you should try to watch one of its two most popular live sports: football and/or hockey. Our choice would be football, but avoid the two big clubs, Sparta and Slavia. Although generally safe, there are problems with rightwing hooligans. Both teams have large, usually relatively empty stadiums. FK Bohemians on the other hand, are a smaller club famous for their ‘hippy’, laid back fans. Enjoy beer, klobasa (sausage) with mustard and a fantastic atmosphere. Oh, and some football.

Cafe Louvre


Most of the attractions on this list have been intentionally leftfield, but Cafe Louvre is a little more traditional. Favoured by Einstein and Kafka, among others, it is a beautiful cafe with old school waiters (think haughty rather than smiley) but wonderful food and brilliant coffee. A must.

Malkovich Bar


Every Praguer has their favourite bar, and ours is Malkovich Bar. A small, evening-only space, it has great cocktails, affordable beer, cool lights hanging from the ceiling and excellent music, chosen by its discerning owner Radovan. Located in the hip Žižkov area, it’s the number one evening haunt in our opinion.

Have you ever been to Prague? What is your favourite place? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Author: Ronan O’Shea Images: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [10]