11 Best beer cities in the world you must visit

If you are a beer lover and you are looking for an inspiration where you can travel to next year, then this list is something you must do. The sweet nectar of Gods has so many types that you can constantly discover new flavors.  Are you ready for a list of cities you can visit and taste one of the oldest beverages in the world? I hope you are because here it is:



There is only one city in the world which cherishes beer that much, that it made an entire festival about it. Oktoberfest is the biggest beer festival in the world which lasts 16-18 days. It is held in the middle or late September, every year since 1810. It is a city you absolutely must visit if you are a true beer lover. Every year they serve more than 7 million liters of their best beer and I am sure you will love the real German beer. Don’t worry, you won’t be hungry because they serve there one of the finest Bavarian specialties like bratwurst.


Prague is a home for much great beer and it is a small city with rich beer history. Czech knows how to make great beer so this city can definitely bee on the list of best beer cities you must visit while in Europe. If you are a fan of Pilsner, a type of pale lager, you can visit the hometown Pilsen which is located near Prague.


Do I really have to say more than Guinness? Dublin is the biggest tourist center which has the Guinness Storehouse as the most popular tourist attraction. Irish know how to make whiskey but their beer is also pretty impressive. What can I say? If you are in Ireland, drink Guinness!


There is not much I can say about Amsterdam because it is one of the most popular cities in Europe for tourists to visit. Yes, they are interesting because they know how to party, but there is much more to see in Amsterdam. One of the must-see things a beer lover has to see in Amsterdam can be summed up in few words – Heineken, Amstel, and Grolsch.


Perhaps you don’t expect Riga, Latvia to have a huge craft beer scene, but in fact this Baltic capital has strong beer traditions as of 13th century.  Latvia has a very wide selection of local beers to please every kind of taste. Riga even hosts 2 beer festival each summer, not to forget Midsummer festival on 23-34 June every year, when there is a massive celebration in the city centre and drinking beer is an important element of the event. 

North America


Who said that Americans can’t make fine beer hasn’t a beer to “Napa Valley of Beer”. If you still aren’t sure that this is a place worth visiting I can tell you that on their October’s  Great American Beer Festival people compete for best beer and there are more than 84 categories for the event. You can also enjoy a fine pint over a foosball table which is very popular entertainment in America.


Boston and the surrounding area is well known for their beer love. There are more than 15 brewpubs and breweries in the area and they all love to talk and drink beer. Like every beer-loving city, Boston has its own event called the Beantown’s Bacon and Beer Fest. I think I have said enough.


Portland is the city with the highest number of breweries. It has 85 breweries only in the metro area and the number won’t stop growing. It is the city of dreams for every beer lover because not only it has a beer, but it has so many things a good beer lover can learn there!


Canadians know their beer and they all gather in Montreal to show what they have done. Montreal is filled with different types of beer and people come here to try the beer, but also to listen to experiences of other beer lovers. It is a must have a city for beer lovers in Canada.



Having a pint in Seoul is an experience you won’t forget. It is not unusual to have a beer to go in Seoul which is a completely different experience. If you are visiting Seoul, prepare yourself for drinking beer in the parking lot. They are investing in a beer industry and they will soon become strong beer center.


Who would have known that beer is popular in Japan? If you are looking for a reason to visit Tokyo I would definitely suggest this one. Their culture of drinking beer is different from ours so you will try new beer and expand your cultural knowledge on so many levels! Just don’t forget to make a reservation, you are in Tokyo!  

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