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Alternative Riga travel guide

If you plan to visit Rīga, don’t limit yourself by seeing only classic tourist spots like the Old Town and the Art Nouveau district. In this post I will provide you with some cool hidden spots in Riga which are not yet popular among tourists masses, but definitely worth your visit. And if you are interested in more classic spots in Riga – read my another Rīga travel guide.

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Tallinn street district (Tallinas ielas kvartāls)


Used to be a depot for ambulance cars in Soviet times, now this place is popular for its regular street food festivals and concerts. Even if this place doesn’t host an event during your visit, you can still come here to observe many graffitis on the walls of ex-depot and get some food and drink at one of the venues lovely bars and cafes. My favourite place in Tallinn street district is cafe Ezītis miglā (Hedgehog in the fog). Located in a former service station, it has many cool interior elements that remind about the old times. And what’s good about Ezītis miglā – it’s completely untouristic (the majority of the visitors are locals, so the prices are not high. Especially, prices are very cheap for the alcohol, for example, Cuba Libre (Rum+Cola) costs only 4 EUR –  you won’t find such a cheap place anywhere else in Rīga. 

Address – block of Tallinas Street with entrance from Tallinas Street 10, or Miera Street 34.
Opening hours – daily from 11am to last clients (24pm or later)

More info about the quarter and events can be found here: (unfortunately this page is in Latvian language only, but you can use Google Translate for translation). 


Creative Art district “Kombināts Māksla”

Creative Art space “Kombināts Māksla”, owned by The Artists’ Union of Latvia (LMS), is space open for art events, exhibitions and all kind of art activities. 

Here you will find creative workshops of Latvian artists: sculptors, ceramists, painters. 

Address: Gaujas iela 1,5,9, Rīgā
Working hours: all days, 17.00 – 19.00, in other times you should prebook a visit  26628302 (Igors Dobičins). If you don’t book a visit, you can still visit the place, explore the graffitis and visit the exhibition, located in the central building.

Jaunā Teika 

In Soviet times this place was an important industrial area, but now it’s converted to a huge office and residential complex. In this place you will find a giant monument of a monkey – the first monkey astronaut. (And it’s not a joke – it’s documented that since 1960 more than 32  monkeys flew in the space program.)
In summer Jaunā Teika hosts weekly street food markets with live concerts of local music stars. Check Jaunā Teika Facebook page (page is in Latvian so use Google translate for translation). 

Robert Books

This is a unique bookstore and a cafe in Rīga owned by a journalist Robert Cottrell, who worked for The Economist. Robert’s Books has the widest selection of used and new English-language books in Latvia. 

Have a cup of delicious coffee or a glass of wine while sitting on a nice terrace in the courtyard. 


Autentika is not only a cafe with an amazing selection of local international beers, but a unique cultural place in Rīga. In the summer they host live concerts and street food festivals, so don’t miss out.

Address: BRUŅINIEKU IELA 2, Rīga, phone +371 22124884

Facebook page: link

Kaņepes Culture Centre

Kaņepes Culture Centre is a truly hispter place in Rīga.  Call it how you want a cafe, a bar, or an exhibition – this place has a special free atmosphere and gathers creative people to enjoy the bohemian entertainment. 


Rīga, Skolas iela 15


So, this is the end of the post. If you enjoyed reading the post, I would really appreciate if you would let me know about it in the comments section below.  And if you know any other creative place that could be added to this post – leave your suggestion in the comments box below as well. Have a wonderful stay in Rīga!