Travel Tips

How to Save Money on Food and Drinks While Traveling

Here are some tips from my experience, for how you can save money on food and drinks while travelling.

1. Buy water in supermarkets

In Europe, if you buy a small bottle of soda or water in a touristic place or restaurant, you will have to pay about  2-3 EUR for a 0,33 – 0,50 litres bottle. In the meantime, if you go to the nearest supermarket, you can get a 1,5 litres water bottle starting as cheap as 0,20 EUR. The Same principle is in all European countries, both in West and East Europe.

2. Grab a pastry/fruit from your hotel

If you have breakfast included in your room rate, you can save on buying snacks, simply if you grab a pastry or a piece of fruit and take those with you for snacks during the day.

3. Ask reception to prepare free lunch packet (if you are on All-Inclusive/Full board)

If you have an All-Inclusive or Full board catering included in your room rate, and you are going to miss a lunch due to today excursion or any other reason, don’t forget to ask at the reception to provide you with a free lunch packet. Usually, you should notify the reception in the evening before the day when you will miss a lunch. Such service is practised almost in all hotels, disregard whether it’s 2 or 5-star hotel.

4. Book a studio room

If there is a possibility to book a studio room (room with kitchenette), always go for it. With this option, you can cook yourself whatever you want and save money on restaurants.

5. Use supermarkets

Supermarkets nowadays offer a full variety of prepared food and coffee drinks. Usually, you will find many types of prepared sandwiches, salads and coffee machine in the supermarkets, and the prices are up to 2 times cheaper than you would pay somewhere in the coffee shop.

6. Avoid eating at airport

In most of Europe, airport food is very expensive. Before your flight, check whether your airline offers free food on board. If a meal is not included, then check the airline website prices for the meals. Meals typically cost around 5-6 EUR for pasta/lasagne and 10 EUR for a full set meal (main dish, salads, drink). So maybe it’s worth to wait for the flight and buy a food when you’re on board?