How To Get Complimentary Stays

at Hotels Using Your Blog

WANTED: All bloggers and journalists interested in getting a complimentary hotel stays in exchange for publicity. This strategy will work not only for hotels but ANY other type of business!

If you want to take advantage of your blog, you should consider every opportunity to monetize your blog, including getting a sponsored hotel stays. 

Get started today! Step-by-step instructions on how to request a complimentary stay at a hotel in exchange for publicity.

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Requesting a hotel for a complimentary stay requires an understanding of the tourism business, digital marketing and negotiation skills. The process can be complicated and without any guidance, it’s hard to do on your own. Without knowing how to navigate the specific steps involved, hotels will often never even notice your e-mail. 

Here’s what included in this guide:

Part 1: Introduction/Understanding the basics:

  • What does free accommodation actually mean for a blogger?
  • Why would a blogger need to ask for a free accommodation?
  • Why would hotels agree to give their rooms for free?
  • How many followers or readers you have is not the most important thing!
  • Importance of negotiations and formalities

Part 2: How to Find a Hotel for Collaboration

  • Creating a list of hotels with relevant contact information
  • Identify brands that have worked with bloggers in the past

Part 3: How to Write an e-mail to a Hotel

  • Basic structure for an e-mail:
  • E-mail writing tips:

Part 4: What to do after your trip

  • Why you need to fulfil your agreement asap and overdeliver your part of the agreement

Part 5: FAQ 

  • What is the best time to email hotels?
  • Do I need to send a media kit?
  • Do I need to follow up?
  • Do I need to sign a contract?
  • Do I need to have a business card?

Part 6: Conclusion & tips

BONUS: E-mail template 


“I couldn’t imagine that the process of requesting a complimentary hotel stay is so easy! Four hours after downloading the e-book, I have sent my first request for a complimentary stay and I landed receiving a sponsored stay for 2 night for me and my spouse for two nights in Berlin!” – Matthew, USA

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“Thank you for a great guide! I have been blogging on Instagram for several years, but never thought that hotels could provide me with complimentary stays, even though my followers count is not that big.” – Tomas, Poland

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The information in this guide works all bloggers, no matter what country you live in. Hotels are interested to promote their properties along different countries.  

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