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Munich travel guide

The first thing that crosses your mind when someone mentions Munich is probably the Octoberfest – the famous beer fest visited by people from all around the world. But, there is much more besides this event that will catch your attention; beautiful architecture, spacious squares, museums and other interesting attractions that will make your visit worth while even though it is not the Octoberfest time.

TOP things to do and see in Munich


Marienplatz Munich

Marienplatz – This is the main square in Munich, a place surrounded with numerous significant buildings and landmarks, among which are the two City Halls. Since the 12th century, this place has been used as fairgrounds and considered the center of the urban city life. Three buildings that dominate the square are the New and Old Town Hall and the Marien Column.

The English Garden

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The English Garden – It is not just the largest and most beautiful park in the city, but also one of the largest parks in the world; it is even bigger than the Hyde park in London and Central park in New York. It is a true nature oasis in the middle of the city where you can relax and get away from the city noise.



Frauenkirche – The center of Munich is dominated by the high towers of the Cathedral of Our Blessed Lady, which is the highest building and the largest church in the city. You can climb the towers for a magnificent view of the cityscape and as a bonus you get to see the incredible Bavarian Alps.



Theresienwiese – Theresa’s Meadow is a vast place, most famous as fairgrounds where the Octoberfest takes place. However, if you are not there at that time of the year, you can visit Ruhmeshalle (the Hall of Fame) and the Statue of Bavaria.

Allianz Arena

Allianz Arena

Allianz Arena – This is one of the newer sites of Munich and at the same time one of the most attractive European and world stadiums. It is one one the favorite attractions for football lovers, especially interesting at night when it is lighten up in the colors of Bayern.



Platzl – The Munich Old Town is full of beautiful and interesting squares, one of them being the Platzl – a place where the world-famous Hofbräuhaus beer hall is located. If you want a taste of local beers, this is a place to go.



Hofgarten – In the center of the city, just a few hundred meters from the Marienplatz is the Hofgarten, one of the most beautiful city parks. It was built in the early 17th century, designed to depict Italian Renaissance gardens, with symmetrical shapes and lines.

German Museum

German museum

German Museum – This museum is located on an island of the Isar River running through the center of Munich. The German Museum treasures a vast collection of historic artifacts, which is not a surprise since it is one of the oldest and biggest science and technology museums in the world.

Olympic Stadium

Olympic Stadium Munich

Olympic Stadium – This stadium hosted the Summer Olympics back in the 1972 and at the time it looked very unconventional in terms of architecture. Even today its futuristic look sets it apart from the other constructions in the city.

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