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Top 5 Maltese foods and drinks you must try

1. Pastizzi


These are one of the most popular snacks in Malta. Pastizzi are savoury pastries filled with either ricotta cheese, meat or mushy peas. They are delicious and super cheap (the cheapest are with the peas filling and costs starting from 0,30 EUR if you buy in supermarket).

2. Rabbit


Rabbit stew called Stuffat tal-fenek is identified as the national dish of Malta. This delicious dish is slow-cooked in a rich tomato, red wine and garlic sauce.

3. Cassata 


Cassata originates from Sicily – Malta’s closest neighbour. This colourful cake is made sweet ricotta, marzipan and almond paste.

4. Cisk

Cisk is a popular Maltese lager. In 2007, Cisk won the title for World’s Best Lager by Beers of the World Magazine.

5. Kinnie


Kinnie is a Maltese alternative to Coca-Cola. It is a non-alcoholic beverage made with bitter oranges.


Images: Simon B. , Michael C.A., Sarah, Kirk K., Edsel L.