Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam Travel guide

Typical Netherlands architecture, canals, little boats and bridges – these are all characteristics that describe the city of Amsterdam. Its name derives most probably from the Amstel river, but the beer lovers would probably say that Amstel beer is responsible for that. Amsterdam is in the same time an open-air museum, a treasure trove of famous buildings and monuments, but also a bustling European capital; it lies on on more than 150 canals connected by almost 1300 bridges scattered all over the city. Amsterdam has lots of things to offer to a visitor and some of them are a “must see“.

Things to See and Do in Amsterdam

Dam Square – It is the core of the city and a place of exceptional historical value, which you can see for yourself in the Museum of History in Amsterdam. One of the interesting facts about this square is that here happened the handover of the city to Napoleon in 1808. There are many interesting things you can see on the square, like the Royal Palace that was the biggest building in in Europe during the 17th century that didn’t serve to religious purposes, New Church and impressive Madam Tussaud Museum.

Anne Frank House – A place where one of the most famous writer of the 20th century lived with her family. She is widely for publishing her personal diary where she writes about the tortures and experiences of the Jews during the Holocaust. A visit to this house is a very touching and incredible experience, because the visitors can see the little place where Anne and her parents lived as refugees.

Van Gogh Museum – Among the numerous museums Amsterdam is known for is also the Van Gogh Museum with a stunning collection of over 200 paintings, sketches, drawings and notes belonging to one of the most beloved Netherlands’ painter. The collection is divided into 7 different periods and that show the improvement, but also the mental collapse in the life of Van Gogh.

Red Light District – If you are someone who likes to see it all and meet all sides of Amsterdam, then you should definitely visit this area. Even though it has kind of a bad reputation, this part of the city is perfectly safe during the day; you can have a little walk down the streets and take a glance at some of the scantily dressed ladies in the windows. However, do not take photos of the girls or you will experience a very uncomfortable situation (for you).

Rijksmuseum – Located in the Museum Quarter, this is the largest and most important museum in both Amsterdam and the entire Netherlands. This spectacular museum is one of the most beautiful city attractions, luring thousands of visitors every week to see its amazing collections. Not much has changed since the building was first time constructed in 1885. Many of the significant works from the Golden Era of the 17th century are shown in the Philips wing of this huge complex, including The Night Watch by Rembrandt that is now illuminated with special LED lighting.

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