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Low cost Bus Travel In Europe

Last updated: 03.08.2016

Bus travel has never been so cheap in Europe as it currently is. Many low-cost bus companies established in last few years, often offering bus tickets for as low as 1 EUR. Bus travel is not only cheap, but also comfortable: most of the major bus companies operate modern fleet with reclining seats, individual touch screen media systems (with videos, music, games, Internet), free WiFi and charging points for your devices. Some of them also have free to use coffee/tea machines.

Below is the list of major low-cost companies in Europe. If you know any other bus company to add, please leave a comment below, and I will update the list. Thanks!


List of major and low-cost bus companies in Europe: 


Eurolines is the largest bus travel operator across Europe.  They have more than 600 destinations across 36 European countries including Morocco. Eurolines also offer travel passes  for 15 or 30 days of unlimited travel.

Megabus is a low cost bus travel operator across Europe. They operate intercity and international routes within several European countries, including UK, Belgium, Spain, Germany, France, Italy and Netherlands.

Flixbus is quite a new bus travel operator, established in 2013 in Germany, and it operates across most of European countries.


National Express is a largest intercity bus travel operator in UK. While National Express is not purely low cost operator, they do offer great discounts from time to time.

Poland and Baltics

Polskibus is a low cost intercity and international bus company in Poland. They operate intercity routes and well and international routes from Poland.

Ecolines is a bus travel operator in Baltics (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia).

LuxExpress is a premium quality  international bus travel operator in Baltics, Poland, Russia as well as recently they started their service in Czech Republic and Hungary. Often used by business people to travel between Baltics, as distances between Baltic Capitals are quite short (~ 4 hours travel between Riga/Vilnius or Riga/Tallinn). Whilst, they offer premium service with  individual touch screen media systems (with videos, music, games, Internet), free wi-fi, free to use coffee/tea machine, they are not more expensive than the other companies. In addition, they often do sales with discounts up to 70%, so you can be lucky to get a cheap ticket and travel with luxury.

SimpleExpress is a low cost international bus travel operator in Baltics, Poland and Russia. They are a subsidiary of a LuxExpress.


Onnibus is a low cost intercity bus travel operator in Finland.


Swebus is a bus company, operating mainly in Sweden, but they also have routes to Norway and Denmark.


Berlinlinienbus is a bus company operating mainly intercity and international routes from Germany. Their prices normally start from 9 EUR for travel between German cities.

MeinFernbus is another bus company operating within and out of Germany. They promise fares as low as 5 EUR if you book advance.

Postbus is a low cost bus company with routes within Germany.

Do you know any other bus company in Europe? Leave information in the comment box below, and I will be happy to add it to the list.