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Stockholm travel guide – Best things to do and see

The astonishing Stockholm city, settled on 14 islands, has all right to be considered as one of the most beautiful in the world. Over 10 centuries of impressive culture and history make it worth visiting, whether you want to explore the city thoroughly or just go shopping. The charming old part of Stockholm, numerous museums, canals, palaces and promenades are all the things that made the city get its nickname, “Venice of the North“. In this Stockholm travel guide, I have listed my favourite things to do and see in this beautiful city.

Top Things to See in Stockholm

City Hall – One of the most striking symbols of of Stockholm and the most beautiful building in the entire country – at least, according the Swedes. You will find 2 famous halls inside it, Blue and Golden Hall, places where the annual Nobel Banquet takes place. But, that is not all; climb to the tower of the hall and you will get an amazing view of the beauty of Stockholm.

Gamla Stan – The Old Town of Stockholm is one of the largest and best preserved medieval centers in Europe, which also makes it one of the most popular attractions in the city. This vivid quarter symbolizes the beginning for this city and a place where Stockholm was founded back in the 1252.

Royal Palace –A breath-taking edifice and one of the largest palaces in Europe is the Royal Palace, official residence of the king of Sweden. This impressive construction has more than 600 rooms and 5 museums; plenty of things for visitors to explore.

Vasa Museum – This museum treasures the only preserved ship from the 17th century. The ship is decorated and carved with hundreds of sculptures, making it a true masterpiece.Another impressive thing about it is that more than 95% of the ship is authentic.

Drottningholm Palace – A private residence of the royal family and a heart-stopping construction; the Renaissance palace was built in 16th century and it was inspired by the palace in Versailles. The palace, along with its gardens, Chinese pavilion and theater is a part of UNESCO World Heritage.

Globe Arena – If you are a hockey lover, there is no better place in the world to attend a hockey game than in Stockholm. The Globe Arena itself is a remarkable and interesting construction and world’s largest spherical edifice. If you are not a in a mood for a game, then you certainly are for a skyview tour

Rosendals Garden – A perfect place to hide from the city noise and enjoy the natural beauty walking down the park or sitting in a restaurant. A cup of coffee or a delicious lunch is much more relaxing and satisfying if you are surrounded by flowers and gardens.

Skansen Open-Air Museum – Just outside the city of Stockholm is the world’s oldest open-air museum, founded in the late 19th century. You will be trilled with the things the museum offers; old little houses, a zoo, pony rides for children, fun games like potato sack relays and all that featured by friendly hosts in costumes that will offer you delicious baked goods to make your day even better.

Images: Michael Caven