Hello and welcome aboard BalticTraveller blog! 

We are currently cruising at an altitude of 312 meters (1,023 feet) which is the highest point of Latvia, at a relaxed pace supported with in-depth travel guides to make your journey stress and hassle free. The weather in Riga looks good with a light breeze coming from Baltic sea as usual. Please support yourself with a light snack and beverage, sit back, relax and enjoy the reading!

Before the journey starts, may I ask you to direct your attention to some important facts about me and BalticTraveller blog:

  • My name is Greg and I run this blog since October 2015
  • I have a 9-5 job and I haven’t yet decided if I want to quit it to become a full-time travel blogger
  • I write travel guides about Baltics and Europe mainly
  • I speak 3 languages (English, Latvian and Russian, and English is not my mother tongue, so pardon, if you see some mistakes). I also speak Polish and Norwegian at a very basic level. 

Main pages of this blog are: 

Destinations – basically, travel guides.

Travel deals – some good travel deals.

Travel tips – tips for finding cheap airline tickets, booking a room, packing luggage etc.

Resources – best resources to book airline tickets, room, insurance and other travel essentials.

Contact – should you have any question or business proposal you are always welcome to contact me.

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