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How to get from Vilnius airport to city centre (free taxi, bus, train)

There are several options for how you can get from Vilnius International Airport to the Vilnius city centre. In this article, I will explain the most convenient and inexpensive options. 

1. Take a free taxi (with a Taxify coupon).

Yes, seriously :). If you haven’t used the Taxify taxi booking app before, then you can get a free first ride (Taxify gives new users 6 EUR discount, which makes your trip almost free, as standard taxi price is about 6 – 10 EUR depending on traffic). Don’t worry about using the Taxify app – I have been using it for the last 2 years for commuting in the Baltic cities and it is very convenient and cheap way of travel.   

1.1. How to get a free ride with Taxify:

  • Download app Taxify
  • Go to the Promotions section
  • Enter the promo coupon code GRIGORIJSKDY .  This code will give you up a 6 EUR off the first ride, which makes your trip from the Vilnius International airport to the city centre almost free (normal price is about 6-10 EUR depending on traffic). If you are several people travelling together, don’t forget that each of you can use the code. Note that you have to add your bank card as a payment option in order to get a free ride (you can also pay with cash, but then you won’t get a free ride). P.S. Taxify in Vilnius offer also “XL” taxi cabs, which have 6 passenger seats. You can select the “XL” cab when making an order. 

2. Use public transportation to get to the Vilnius centre.

Public transport is affordable and reliable. From the Vilnius International airport to the city centre, you can get by:

  • Bus. Single bus ride ticket costs 1 EUR (when purchased from driver), the journey takes about 15 min, depending on traffic. You can get to the Vilnius city centre from the airport with the following busses:
    • Nr. 1 (Station-Vikingu St.- Airport),
    • Nr. 2 (Station-Liepkalnio St.-Vikingu St.-Airport),
    • Nr. 3G (Fabijoniškes-Centre-Airport),
    • Nr. 88 (Airport-Station-Old Town-Nepriklausomybes Square) 
  • See the timetable. Note that Airport in Lithuanian language means “Oro Uostas” – take this into account when searching for the airport bus timetable.  
  • Microbus. Near the arrival hall C you will find bus stop for express microbus. The express microbus is operated by private company Toks and the single ride costs 2 EUR. The service is frequent, with departures every 15 minutes during the day time. More info and timetable here.
  • Train. Single bus ride ticket costs 0,70 EUR, the journey takes 7 min, however, there is only one train per hour. See the timetable