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Campervan Road Trips – Enjoy Ultimate Comfort & Create Lifetime Memories

As part of our Travel Tips series, Ruby Daub has written this guest blog post about different aspects of campervan road trips. Ruby is a great writer who has been sharing her travel experience through her blogs and articles for the last couple of years. You can follow Ruby on twitter @rubydaub.

No matter where you work and what kind of job you do for your living, the ultimate reality is that you want to secure your life and make your family happy. Some people divert all their time and energies to gain success in their professional lives and hence, they fail to enjoy those precious moments with their loved ones. It is true that no one wants to ignore their loved ones intentionally, but they end up doing so because they lack the ability to figure out what is important to strengthen their personal relationships.

And the fact remains that, no matter how successful a professional life you enjoy, if you fail to have that emotional connection with your family you can’t be happy at all.

Therefore, creating a perfect balance between your personal and professional lives remains the only viable option to you, if you want to live a content life.

You can go on a holiday trip to have immense fun with your family. When you go on a vacation, you get sufficient time to show love and affection towards your spouse and children. It not only helps in strengthening your relationships with your loved ones but also fills you with a lot of positivity and hence when you get back to your work life after vacation you experience some sort of improvement in your productivity.

There are different ways of enjoying holidays, and one of the most common among them is to go on a campervan road trip. Australians love campervan road trips like anything and therefore, they keep looking for opportunities to organise one at every possible occasion.

Here is why campervan road trips are so popular among Australians.

You Enjoy an Immense Privacy

A journey on wheels is one of the most attractive ways of discovering the unspoilt beauty of Australia. A campervan road trip gives you enormous privacy while uncovering those scenic destinations across the country. However, if you talk about a bus, train or flight journey you can’t enjoy the kind of privacy and freedom that is offered by a campervan road trip.

One of the most important parts of enjoying a self-drive road trip is that you do not have to travel with strangers and hence you can give absolute attention to your family. Aside from that, if you have a furry friend at home, you don’t have to think about enjoying your trip without it. If you are planning to stay in hotels and resorts, all you have to do is find out the ones that give entry to pets.

Experience Unbelievable Comfort

Self-drive road trips are not only important for enjoying a great time with your family but they also give you an opportunity to uncover a place as per your convenience. If you like a particular destination, you can easily spend more time over there and discover all the attractions. However, if there is a place that you are not much interested in you can make a move as soon as possible. If you love driving in the morning, you can wake up early to start
your journey and can take rest during the hottest hours of the day. You can break your journey in a perfect place and can enjoy a delicious meal with your family in a beautiful restaurant. Once you are done with taking rest and enjoying your meal, you can again start exploring the road ahead.

You Can Feed Nutritious Food to Your Family

What’s really worth appreciating about campervan road trips is that, if you like you can prepare nutritious food for your family and thus keep them away from all kinds of potential health problems that happen due unhealthy food. Since people generally eat whatever they get on the way, it increases their chances of experiencing health problems like diarrhea and cholera etc. So, preparing your own food can save you from a lot of problems. And
when you have all the cooking facilities in your vehicle, you must take their full advantage.

Campervan Road Trips Are Truly Cost-Effective

If you travel by train, bus or a plane you have to spend a lot of money on food and accommodation, however, when it comes to a campervan, it’s more like a moving home which comes with all the facilities. It means you do not have to spend more money on food and accommodation. And the best part is that the money that you otherwise have to spend on food and accommodation can be easily used in exploring more places.

Explore New Places & Cultures More Closely

Self-drive road trips give you more freedom to explore a destination or a culture more closely. The more your hit unknown roads and discover new destinations and people, the more you become aware of the food and culture of a place. Aside from uncovering unique places and meeting new people during your trip, you create memories that last a lifetime. 

And there are actually even health benefits of Travelling, including immune system boost, stress level lowering and other benefits. For more information you can read an article of  Helen Nichols who wrote about 25 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Traveling.