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How to get from Riga airport to city centre (free taxi and bus)

There are different options for how you can get from Riga airport to the city centre. In this article, I will explain (from the local point of view) the most convenient and inexpensive options.

1. Take a free taxi (with a Bolt or Yandex taxi coupon).

Yes, I am speaking seriously. If you haven't used the Bolt or Yandex taxi booking app before, then you are entitled to a free first ride (up to 5 EUR worth).

How to get a free ride with Bolt:

  • Download app Bolt
  • Go to the Promotions section -> Promotions -> Enter promo code
  • Enter the promo coupon code GRIGORIJSKDY .  

How to get a free ride with Yandex:

  • Download app Yandex
  • Go to the Discounts section -> Enter promo code
  • Enter the promo coupon code c6woiaal

Using any of the above apps and the promo code will give you up to a 5 EUR off the first ride, which makes your trip from the Riga airport to the city centre almost for free (normal price is 7-12 EUR depending on traffic). If you are several people travelling together, don’t forget that each of you can use the code. Note that you have to add your bank card as a payment option in order to get a free ride (you can also pay with cash, but then you won't get a free ride).

  • Important update 20/AUG/18: The taxi prices are no longer regulated in Latvia, so you should be very careful when using the taxi! If you are not using the Taxify app, which I suggest, check the ride price with the driver before getting into the car. There have been registered cases where the driver charged 60 EUR (absolutely officially with the receipt) for a 15 min trip from the airport to the city centre! This is not a normal price! The normal price is 15 EUR at maximum! So I really suggest you download the Taxify app and enter the promo code now, so you can avoid unnecessary stress at the time when you arrive in Riga. 

2. Use Public transport

Public transport in Riga is affordable and reliable. There is a bus stop in front of the airport entrance, and one ride ticket to the city centre costs 1,15 EUR (if bought in airport kiosk or in the vending machine at the bus stop), or 2 EUR if bought at the driver. You will need to take bus nr 22 to get to the city centre (final stop for most of the tourists is Stockmann shopping centre, located near the international bus station). To plan your rides in Riga, visit the bus company Rigassatiksme homepage, or use google maps (Riga public transport schedule is also loaded there).

3. Use mini-bus service

From Riga airport to the city centre you can get with mini-bus nr 241 or 322. Nr 322 has the similar route as the normal bus nr 22 (final stop for most of the tourists is Stockmann shopping centre, located near the international bus station), whereas the Nr 241 line has end stop at Esplanade and is good if you are staying in Radisson Latvija or Radisson Elizabete hotels).

4. Order a private transfer to/from Riga city centre

If your flight arrives late, or you simply want to avoid the stress of searching for the taxi stand, why not to order inexpensive private transfer that will get you to the centre of Riga in just 15 minutes?  Starting from 28 EUR our blog partner - Kiwitaxi will arrange a private transfer for up to 4 passengers. Their driver will meet you at the airport (as close to the Arrivals as possible) and will help you with your luggage. You can order inexpensive taxi transfer to the city centre of Riga using the form below (search results will be opened in a new window).

4. Rent a car

Car rental and cost of fuel in Latvia are among the cheapest in Europe. You can compare offers from all available car rental companies here (service provided by - leading car rentals comparison service. Search results will appear in a new window.)

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